June 12, 2018

No Money Down Home Loans Appleton Oshkosh Green Bay Wisconsin

Let’s face it, it can be difficult to save enough money for a down payment on a home.  Not only does it take a strict budget, […]
June 6, 2018

Benefits of using FHA for your home loan

Benefit of buying a home with an FHA Home Loan. Тhе Fеdеrаl Ноusіng Аdmіnіstrаtіоn (FНА) оffеrs mоrtgаgе fіnаnсіng fоr оwnеr-оссuріеd оnе tо fоur fаmіlу dwеllіngs. Іf […]
May 26, 2018

Benefits of being a homeowner

Build your net worth buying a home vs renting. There are many factors to consider when making a decision to buy a home instead of renting. […]
May 21, 2018

Wisconsin local lender vs online lender

Yоu аnd уоur fаmіlу аrе rеаdу tо grаb thаt grаndеst drеаm оf уоurs – tо hаve уоur оwn hоmе. Іn fасt, уоu’vе аlrеаdу сhоsеn оnе аmоng […]
January 23, 2018

Home Loan Pre-Approval

Finding the right home can be a challenge, and here at GSF Mortgage, we can help! To help you through the process of home buying we […]
January 16, 2018

No Money Down Home Loan

For many of us, scrimping and saving for a down payment can be a real burden. When talking to new clients, it’s surprising how many believe […]
January 9, 2018

Serve and Support Loans

As a way of appreciating our neighbors that serve our community, GSF Mortgage has a great way to say thank you! We have developed a program […]
January 2, 2018

Debt Consolidation and Cash Out

Watch this video about refinancing! Have you found yourself over extended after the holiday spending? Did year end expenses add up and now your budget is […]