Credit Confusion

At GSF Mortgage Corporation, we get to work with people from the Appleton and Green Bay areas that come from just about all walks of life. Not only is it interesting to meet people from diverse backgrounds and situations, it’s also given us a lot of hands-on experience in helping people understand the home-buying process. We think because of it, we’ve become very understanding and empathetic, and that’s helped us serve even more of the good people from our part of the state.

One thing that we’ve noticed as a common cause of confusion is the broad topic of “credit.” Some people merely hear the word and panic, and it’s probably because of all the misinformation that is out there about the topic. And since the issue of “credit” is so relevant to the home-buying process, we know that educating people about the subject and helping them truly understand what goes into a credit score is a very important part of our job as we help our clients fulfill their home ownership goals.

When you work with us, we want you to have a robust understanding of the topic of your personal credit. Many people assume that they’re not eligible to purchase a home because of certain credit issues—all because they don’t understand the topic or have been given misinformation. To that end, we’ve created a credit repair program in which we can help you improve your credit and truly understand how it’s calculated and what things you can be doing to improve your credit.

Finally, even if you’re not ready to purchase a home but are still in the information-gathering stage, please do give us a call at GSF Mortgage Corporation so that we can start a conversation with you about putting yourself in the best financial position possible for when you are ready to purchase a home. We’re here to help, and we love serving the people of Wisconsin.