Debt Consolidation and Cash Out

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Have you found yourself over extended after the holiday spending? Did year end expenses add up and now your budget is out of whack? Every year many of us make the simple mistake of overspending and racking up our credit card debt. What we think will be an additional small payment on a credit card or two, often ends up being a big chunk of money from our monthly spending budget we either were not expecting, or that leave us with buyer’s remorse. Here at GSF Mortgage, we have a simple solution for these extra debts that can plague your monthly pocket book for months or even years to come if left up to the credit card companies. Not only can we help you make those extra payments disappear, but it’s possible we can help you add a nice holiday in the sun on top of it!

Tap into your home’s equity with a cash out refinance to payoff holiday debt, credit cards, go on vacation, make necessary home repairs and more. Often when people utilize some of the equity in their home to pay off debt or give them some cash in hand, it not only lowers their monthly expenses, but can also it help their credit score.FHA refinancing allows you to utilize your home equity up to 85% of your current home value, and VA Loans up to 100%. With home values on the rise, people are often surprised at how quickly they have equity available, even if you purchased or refinanced not long ago. Give us a call at GSF today, and let us help you make this cold winter a little warmer!

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