Don’t Let Intimidation Get in the Way of Home Ownership

As a Fox Valley area mortgage corporation, we get the opportunity to talk to and work with a wide variety of people from our part of the state. And although everybody’s situation is unique, there are some very common refrains we hear when talking to people about their home ownership ambitions—especially for potential first-time home buyers: “The process seems intimidating.”

And whenever we hear that sentiment, we try to correct the misinformation. At GSF Mortgage, we’re passionate about helping the good people of Wisconsin secure a mortgage and realize their home ownership goals, so we hate to see intimidation be the reason these goals go unfulfilled.

Today, we are going to briefly address two specific pieces of misinformation we hear. The first is this: “All loan programs require complicated paperwork.” While it’s true that different loan programs have different requirements, there are some loan programs that are, in fact, relatively simple. Did you know that some situations really only require an ID, a couple paystubs, last year’s W2, and a bank statement to get started? Before you decide that getting a mortgage is “too complicated,” find out about your options and what the requirements are for your unique situation. It might be a lot simpler than you think.

The second sentiment is more of an assumption than it is misinformation. The assumption is that the loan applicants think they have to navigate the process mostly by themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. As we mentioned above, there are some loan application processes that are more complicated than others, but that’s what we’re here for. As local, Wisconsin-based mortgage experts, it’s our job to work through the process with you, guiding you every step of the way. This is absolutely not something you need to do on your home. Helping you through the process and helping you secure a mortgage is literally our job, and it’s something we’re passionate about.

So before you decide that the whole process of obtaining a loan and purchasing a home is too complicated or intimidating, give us a call at GSF Mortgage and get a conversation stated with us about all the great options you may have.