Home Loan Pre-Approval

Finding the right home can be a challenge, and here at GSF Mortgage, we can help! To help you through the process of home buying we offer Finance First. Finance First can make your home buying a SNAP! AND, it includes a Free Appraisal!

With Finance First, we help take some of the big questions out of home buying. Before shopping for a home, we recommend getting pre-approved for your home purchase. A loan underwriter looks at all of your financial information, for instance – credit, paystubs, W2’s. The underwriter determines exactly the home loan amount for which you qualify. Why is this important? Imagine finding what you think is your dream home, putting in an offer, and when you go to the bank to see about a loan, they turn you down for that loan amount. This is a reality for many! With Finance First, we help you quickly get qualified. From there you know exactly what homes to look at, and how much you can and want to spend. We help you know your numbers. That is, what your monthly payment should be, and what you are comfortable with spending, sparing you sticker shock half way through the process. Along with this pre-approval, GSF picks up the tab on your home appraisal.

Interested in finding out exactly what you are qualified for and ready to be a smart shopper when it comes down to the most important purchase in your life? Let us help you remove the stress of financing and help you find your dream home today!

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