How to Plan for Your Next Renovation Project

Do you feel like your home is starting to feel a little outdated? Maybe it’s time to plan for a renovation project! Whether you are looking to renovate one room or your entire home, it’s important to plan and budget. Take a look at these 3 steps that will help you begin your renovation process.

Design a project plan

A clear renovation plan is crucial to making the process simple and easy. First off, you need to make a list of what you want to be included in your renovation. Try to find some inspiration for your project by using websites like Pinterest and Instagram. Having a picture of what you want will help you realize the end goal. It also makes it easier to communicate to others what you want the finished product to look like. Then, you need to decide if this could be a DIY project or something that will require professional help.

Set a budget

Think about the list of your needs/wants for your project. Set a reasonable budget, being realistic about how much each item will cost. Consult a professional for help with this. You should also plan for unexpected costs. Be careful not to go over your budget once you get started as well.

Create a timeline

Now that you know how big of a renovation project you are planning, you need to create a timeline. Pick a start date and plan for time to clean out the project area as well as the shipment and delivery of the necessary materials. Discuss the steps of the project with your contractors and consider what needs to be done first. Make sure to add a few extra days to your timeline in case of unexpected problems.

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