Options, Options, Options

As a local Wisconsin mortgage lender, we get to work with people from all over the Fox Valley and Green Bay areas. And because of that, we get to hear from people from all walks of life regarding what their impressions are about the home loan and home buying process. Some people—especially those who have gone through the process—often have a fairly accurate idea of what the process looks like. But others, who have never bought a home, often have very inaccurate information, and because of it, they think they may never be eligible to purchase a home.

One common misconception is that there are very specific and narrow criteria that make one eligible to obtain a home loan. There’s a checklist, the thinking goes, which must be met precisely in order to be eligible for obtaining a loan—and there’s very little wiggle room. One of the most common specific misconceptions is that a potential home buyer must have twenty percent available up front for a down payment. Period. No exceptions.

At GSF Mortgage Corporation, we’ve heard just about all the misinformation that’s out there, and we know the truth about the process because we’ve made it our business to become experts in the area of Wisconsin home loans. We want you to know that there are myriad options for obtaining a mortgage, and many of them include providing little or no money down and also are available to those with less than perfect credit.

If you’re one of the thousands of Wisconsinites who have never looked into the home buying process because you’ve assumed you’re simply not eligible, we encourage you to give us a call today at GSF Mortgage Corporation. We’ll give you honest and accurate information, and the truth about your eligibility to purchase a home may surprise you. We’re passionate about putting the good people of the Appleton and Green Bay areas into great homes, and we’d hate to see you miss out because you have misinformation. Give us a call today and let us get to work for you!