Why Should You Buy a Home During the Summer?

Summer is the most popular time of the year to buy and sell a home, and it’s for a good reason. Buying a house in the summer has many advantages that should be considered when deciding when to move. Here are 3 great examples of why you should move during the summer.

A Busier Marketplace

It’s no secret that buying a home in the summer will result in more competition. However, there’s a much broader range of homes to choose from during June, July, and August, which has its perks. Because selection is so large at this time of year, you have so many more options for location and price. You might finally be able to get that house in a great neighborhood with an open concept layout that you couldn’t find during the winter months. This also means that if you don’t get your first choice for a house, another one just like will more than likely pop up quickly.

The Weather is Great

It’s a lot more fun to move when the weather is beautiful and you can spend time outside without wanting to run indoors. With our Wisconsin winters, moving in the extreme cold ruins the experience of moving into a great house. It’s hard enough to move boxes in and out of the house, let alone doing it in 0-degree weather. This also means the kids will be distracted playing in the new yard while you can focus on unpacking boxes. Everybody wins!

School is Out

If you have kids, this one’s for you. Moving during the school-year can be difficult, especially if you’re moving far away. If your kids have to switch schools in the middle of the year, it can be a hard transition for them. It’s also hard to plan around their school schedule. If they are involved in extracurriculars, chances are moving would be a big inconvenience. If a family wants each member to approve the house, kids would also be more likely to be able to attend house showings and give their consent during the summer. This is an important point because showing kids their future home is an easy way to get them excited about the move.

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